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Our services:

  • translations (any texts, including technical, scientific, medical, legal, etc.)
  • certified translations (any documents, certificates, invoices, contracts, memoranda, notarial deeds, company documents, etc.)
  • liaison interpreting (training sessions, business talks, assistance during equipment assembly, etc.)
  • certified interpreting (conclusion of agreements, notarial deeds, shareholders’ meetings, etc.)
  • conference interpreting (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • additional services (typing, OCR and transcriptions of recorded materials)


Group I:
English, French, German, Russian
Group II:
Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Romanian, Serbian, Slovakian, Swedish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Italian
If needed, we can also provide translations into and from other languages, including Japanese, Greek, Turkish, etc.


Translations of popular and technical texts in different areas – science and technology, medicine and pharmaceutical industry, law and economy, environmental protection, health and safety, quality assurance and validation. We also translate branch catalogues, tender documents, audit reports, bookkeeping documentation, EU documents, promotional materials and advertising leaflets and brochures, etc.