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The Translation Office was established in Poznań in mid-February 1990 and entered into the register of business operators at number 05683/90. The Office is member of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry.

We provide services of consecutive and simultaneous interpreters and translators, including certified translators and court interpreters.

All translation and interpreting services are provided by professional translators and interpreters. Not only are they highly trained and experienced translation and interpreting professionals but they also have relevant educational background in engineering, science, economy, and medicine, to name but a few. All of them have an excellent command of the foreign language(s) from and into which they translate and interpret, are highly reliable and always keep the deadlines. They are experts in many specialist areas and can skilfully transpose the specifics of the law, economy and culture of a given country. Needless to say, they all represent a very high level of personal culture. It is thanks to them and their qualities that we can provide top quality translation and interpreting services, even at a very short time notice.

All employees and associates of the Translation Office always treat all the data and information disclosed in the documents and materials submitted for translation as strictly confidential.

We have provided interpreting services at the COP 14 UN Climate Change Conference held in Poznań in 2008, International Congress of Renewable Energy GREEN POWER 2009 (7 conferences), International Georg Philipp Telemann Violin Competition and translated an album on the history and achievements of BMW automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company. Every year we translate the AIB ANNUAL reports.

Full name:Przedsiębiorstwo Usługowe Krystyna Żuchowska
Zakład Tłumaczeń i Maszynopisania
Address:60-802 Poznań, ul. Wojskowa 11/13 C m. 13
NIP: 779-002-79-12, REGON: 008495610

Visit us in our office on Mondays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and on Tuesdays thru Fridays from 8:00 am to 3:30 p.m. or call us for a special appointment.